"Er is niets wat zo nuttig is als een theorie

die op de juiste wijze wordt toegepast."

Bill Reddin

Management Wisdom

Good managers make lists. And so they should, for list making is the gray matter of private brainstorming. It's the skeleton of a marketing plan, the new bridge into uncertain territory, or the foundation of a new solution. A list is a place to start thinking, planning, and refining.

W.J.Reddin & Associates will give you regulated new gems of management wisdom, developed over many years of manager research. You may use these lists to refresh your memory, organise your thoughts, gain insight into basic strategies, or just for enjoyment. Good managers will always have lists. Smart managers use them.








Open Seminars 2021:

3D Managers Effectiviteit
Seminar (3-D MES)


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14 - 19 november 2021


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